The Woodcraft League of the Czech Republic

The Woodcraft League of the Czech Republic is an independent organization gathering children and adults who are interested in woodcraft – the movement established by Ernest Thompson Seton, the American author, painter, naturalist and youth leader.

The aim of the Czech Woodcraft League is to bring people to nature and teach them how to stay there and get by with just a minimum of the items they have brought from their home in the city. It is believed that this is the way how to bring back to life the things which have been forgotten, both spiritual and practical. When camping in nature people can understand again where they have come from and revive their bonds with nature.

Besides common ways of staying in nature, the members of the Czech Woodcraft League practice so-called primitive camping, imitating techniques of the Native Americans, primeval people, indigenous people and others who were masters of woodcraft.

The aim of the Woodcraft League of the Czech Republic is not to imitate indigenous people in all details or promote the escape from civilization. We just want to help the people find the roots of their humanity.
We believe that lifelong education is the core principle of building true humanity. That is why we put stress on learning by doing within the Deed system – the Birch Bark Roll of Woodcraft, which was modernized and updated after the Czech Woodcraft League revival in 1990.