Poland: Summer camp of the “Drzewianie” tribe from Polish Pomerania

Like every year in July we spent two weeks in a camp that is always a highlight a of our year-round work. This time we had a camp in central Poland, near the place that was our first capital of our country. Our campsite was located in a pine forest, by a lake.

The beginning of the camp is traditionally working with wood – building dryers, notice boards, decorations and of course – the camp gate with a guardhouse.

When everything was ready we started our program, which included many woodcraft activities. Younger participants learned how to properly and safely hang hammocks and tarpaulins to spend the night in them.

When they were ready, we led them outside the camp, into the forest, where they spent 24 hours on their own. The older participants went on a 24-hour hike around the lake and also spent the night in hammocks.

In addition, the participants painted landscapes with paints, learned first aid, practiced masking in the forest, but we also built a climbing wall on which everyone could climb.

In the evenings and nights we spent time by the campfire talking and singing scout songs.

For the staff, it was two weeks of hard work, but all the participants returned satisfied and full of new experiences and skills.

Text and images by Michal Fleran – Fléri