Blue Sky World Woodcraft is not a formal organisation.  It comprises of people and organisations inspired by Ernest Thompson Seton’s principles of Woodcraft.

Participant organisations include Woodcrafters from around the world, Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, and Bushcrafters.  Participant individuals are passionate about keeping the principles of Woodcraft and admirers of Seton’s artwork and books.

We firmly believe that differences are what strengthens us and gives us inspiration. What unites us are the laws of the Fourfold path of Woodcraft.

The aim of this website is to interconnect and engage people interested and involved with Woodcraft. We hope that people will submit news and photos here and share their ideas and inspirations on the blog.

Blue Sky!

Ing. Martin Kupka

Martin Logan  Kupka was born in Prague, the Czech Republic. He has been active in Scouting and Woodcraft since his boyhood. He was a youth leader of several underground Woodcraft circles, during the communist totalitarian regime in Czechoslovakia, until 1989.

In 1990 he was one in a trio of people who prepared and launched the revival of the Czech Woodcraft League, that had existed underground for 42 years.

Logan was appointed the first WLC chieftain on 2 June 1990 and served in that position for five years. He was also involved with organising international Woodcraft gatherings in 1990´s in collaboration with Mick Tutt from the Order of Woodcraft Chivalry in the UK.

Logan dedicates a lot of time and energy to keeping international woodcraft contacts alive and thriving. He serves as the webmaster of website.

Logan works as a freelance English lecturer in Prague.

Dr. Julie Seton

Dr. Julie A. Seton is the youngest granddaughter of Ernest Thompson Seton and grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.  In 2013, she began giving talks to reintroduce her grandfather’s work to new generations. Topics include Seton’s life, his influence in natural science, conservation, art, and outdoor education. She lectures across the US and has spoken to groups in the United Kingdom, Canada, Poland, and the Czech Republic.

She republished Seton’s autobiography in 2015, is a founder of the Ernest Thompson Seton Institute, Inc.

She received her Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Professional Communication from New Mexico State University. Her doctoral dissertation analyzed nature writing for its success in prompting social action using Seton’s story of “Lobo, King of the Currumpaw.”

Professionally, she owns Indelible Enterprises, LLC, a consulting company offering expertise in human communication, operational analysis, business development, and strategic planning.  She is based in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

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