Order of Woodcraft Chivalry

The Order of Woodcraft Chivalry is a small but well-established movement founded in 1916 by Ernest Westlake, naturalist and research scientist, in collaboration with Ernest Thompson Seton, American naturalist-author. It is an educational and social fellowship, of both sexes and all ages, non-political and non-denominational. Members believe in the „Woodcraft way“ of first-hand experience and the „chivalrous spirit“ of helping others and being ready to respect and understand all peoples. The aim of the Order can be found in the Affirmation to which all members subscribe.

„To respond to the call of the world of nature, seeking from its simplicity, good sense, and fortitude. To pursue bravely and gaily the adventure of life, cherishing whatever it holds of beauty, wonder, and romance, endeavouring to carry the chivalrous spirit into daily life.“

Membership of the Order is open to all who feel themselves in sympathy with its Affirmation. It includes families, kindreds and individuals, or lone members. Activities during the year include weekend camps, social gatherings, and outings, and members come together for a summer camp. For many, the highlight of the year is Folkmoot, our annual general meeting.

Website: www.orderofwoodcraftchivalry.org.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/OWCGB
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