The Blue Sky World Woodcraft Declaration from 1996

Blue Sky World Woodcraft Declaration 1996


Blue Sky World Woodcraft (BSWW) is based upon ideas which were first expressed by Ernest Thompson Seton in 1902 and which formed the basis for the international woodcraft movement founded by E. T. Seton and Ernest Westlake in 1916.

Our objective is to create opportunities for the development of the individual, regardless of age, through the four ways – physical, mental, spiritual and service to others.

By living in harmony with nature we strive to learn from and understand nature’s ways, and use this understanding to help us in the modern world.

Although our practices may vary from nation to nation, our common heritage and international links enable us to share ideas world-wide.

All like-minded people are welcome to join us in our activities, regardless of polictical or religious beliefs.


The declaration was signed by:

Dee Seton Barber, ETSI, USA

Milouš Stárek, WLCz chief, Czech Republic

John Pringle, OWC, England

Zdeněk Fišera, North American Woodcraft, Canada

Cathie Mostovoy, Executive director, Woodcraft Rangers, USA