Talca, Chile: ¡Hurra, Ayiana se reencuentra! (Hooray, Aiyana meets again!)

Hello from Chile!

During the covid pandemic all activities for pre-school children and young people were suspended with the exception of some virtual programmes that served as a substitute. Adults stayed active and took opportunities in the e-learning sphere. Some of them participated in a joint work, creating The Safe Return to Activities Protocol with the support of professionals on the subject.

On Saturday, August 07, 2021, the Progressive Return to Activities began in Woodcraft Chile. The Woodcraft Group Ayiana, that works in the city of Talca in central Chile, met again, thanks to the support and collaboration with the Alywen Waldorf School, situated in the same city.

Talca city (the photo courtesy Carolina Hevia Quezada)

The logo of Alywen Waldorf School (the image courtesy Alywen facebook profile)

The community of the Alywen Education Centre in Talca (the photo courtesy Alywen facebook profile)


Ayiana, performs a “Woodcraft Scouting” of the “traditional forest” type, being the only one in the Maule Region. They follow the Ernest Thompson Seton´s way. The leaders strongly believe that aligning the members with Mother Nature is the key for boys and girls to efficient learning and the way how to develop ecological awareness and caring for the environment.

¡Hurra, Ayiana se reencuentra! (Hooray, Aiyana meets again!)
(the photo courtesy Alywen facebook profile)


Ayiana boys preparing a fire place. (the photo courtesy Alywen facebook profile)



Ayiana youth back in nature. (the photo courtesy Alywen facebook profile)


We hope that if the conditions improve continually we will be able to reactivate the other groups as well. (Each region of our country has different restrictions, so not all can start at the same time.) We find ourselves in the observation period as the pandemic has not been curbed, yet. We may have to go back, but hopefully not. So we are now taking advantage of this small progress.


Blue Sky!

Viking Guerrero, Chile