Michalovy Hory, the Czech Republic: New base of the Czech Woodcraft League opens


Liga lesní moudrosti has a new home in the small village of Michalovy Hory, near Planá u Mariánských lázní, west of the Czech Republic.

The project to renovate the vicarage (“Fara” in Czech) into the new center took 15 years.  It includes a dormitory, garden, and classrooms – indoor and outdoor, and a large kitchen for Woodcraft League members, friends and other camping organisations.  It will also be used to bring groups of adults and school children to learn about Woodcraft practices.

Nearly 300 people gathered on August 1, 2019, for the opening and dedication ceremonies.  The celebration took place in the garden where there was music and dancing, an adventure game for children, a fire-making contest, lots of food, and meeting old and new friends. Some of the attendees experienced the joy of learning about field biology in an outdoor classroom.

We were honored to have special guests, Julie Seton, the granddaughter of Ernest Thompson Seton, and her husband attend the festivities.

We are looking forward to organising interesting and inspirational Woodcraft activities at Fara for many years to come.