Martin Kupka Logan and Truthful Wolf: a mini-interview

His scout name is Truthful Wolf and he hides his civic name for obvious reasons. He has been appointed a First Head Man of a newly revived organization – the Kibbo Kift Scouts International(KSI) and I couldn´t resist asking a few questions. He kindly replied to my questions and sent me a photo at which we cannot see his face.

Here it is: our mini-interview

1) In KSI declaration you mention the reason for the establishment of the new international organization. Can you be more concrete and say what the plan for the nearest future is?

Hello, thank you for helping to spread the word about KSI, but above all thank you for your continued years of Service to the Woodcraft Movement. When I look for information about Woodcraft, it never fails – you show up in the pictures. And there I’ve found photos of you, very young, and all the way to the present day, so it’s a long history you must be proud of.

Ok, about immediate plans for KSI, we are receiving many requests for Leader Training under the Kibbo-Kift System, so we are still “hunting” for some old Kibbo-Kift books, and researching, translating, and updating the whole Wood Badge scheme, under the Forest Scouting perspective. And there are a lot of good Polish and Czech materials, like the Handbook for Forest Scouts  so we have our Trainers working at full capacity to get it all done.

Plans besides that, not really, just “to go with the flow”, in a natural way. I mean, We rule our lives by the cycles of Nature: When it gets warm we plant seeds, when Autumn comes around we crop and harvest, etc. So, we’ll do our part by having the Kibbo-Kift Way ready, and We’ll adjust our actions depending on what our members may need. A closer focus on Woodcraft Activities? We’ll see to it. A Jamboree in a country willing to receive us? We’ll work it out. But as I tell you, Nature rules. Depending on how groups and members grow, we’ll manage to provide them with all the necessary.

2) The history of the Kibbo Kift Kindred is interesting. Which part of the history of KKK do you find most inspirational and why?

Well, Kibbo-Kift history is full of inspiring facts! It’s more like a collection of heroic small stories, but if I should pick the most inspiring, it would be without a doubt the fight against Totalitarianism, when the Green Shirts in England had to engage in street fights against the Communist Red Shirts and the Fascist Black Shirts

It really took courage, creativity, and Faith for Hargrave to convert his Pacifist, Mystic Woodcraft Movement into the Green Shirts, to defend his country against those threats!


3) KSI seems to be situated in the region of South America. It is obvious on social media that there are lots of sympathizers of the Kibbo Kift principles in Poland. Are you going to co-work with the Poles?

Of course, they are the original Kibbo-Kift Scouts. All we know about Forest Scouting we have learned from them. They were the first invited to be part of KSI, but they replied for the moment they can’t take part. Maybe they like their European way to practice KK Scouting and don’t want to mix it with the American Kibbo-Kift style? Maybe they want to call a general assembly and consult it with all their members before joining? Maybe ZHR won’t allow them to be part of another organization at the same time? Whatever the cause, they are always welcome to join anytime they want. More than that, they have the undeniable right to join when and how they want. They are the originals, the first Kibbo-Kift Scouts, since 1950!

4) We know your identity only from your pseudonyms. You have been appointed a First Head Man of KSI. Isn’t it time to tell us more about yourself? How did you get to Scouting and Woodcraft? And when did you start to incline to Kibbo Kift principles?

Well, I had to take the Robert Fiztooth “undercover identity” or internet screen name, because I was savagely attacked by many activists. Beginning with religious zealots, Feminist activists, Abortionists, Communists, all kinds of people who follow ways of life that harm other people to get what they want, while my only Commandment says “As harm none, do what you will”. So, yes, I’m Wiccan. I’m a Wiccan Priest, as you can see in my web I’ve been accused of being a “Devil Worshipper” and worst things, they messed with my job, threatened my family, so I had to get my real identity offline in order to be able to live in peace. But I won’t stop fighting those evils. They have the right to express their ideas, so do I.

So yes, I’m Pagan, and it’s a long history, but completely related to Scouting, so here we go: As a boy, I grew in the Argentinian Catholic Scout Association (USCA) and I loved it, but in 1996 Bishops ordered it had to lose its Catholic condition and fuse with the civilian Scout Association (INSA) but many did not agree with it and started an alternative Catholic Scouting Movement (ADiSCa) but Bishops wanted to impose their will and acted in very ill ways. That made me think “Are those the Princes of our Church? Are those the real followers of Christ? God, if the heads act like this, what can I expect from lay members? So I quit on the Church, but never on Christ, and turned Pagan, Scouting activities included. But the kind of Pagan that reveres Nature, but also acknowledges Christ. Yes, we are a very special kind of Pagans, our Way, “Christopaganism” is perfectly explained by an English Priest and Druid, Mark Townsend, in his book Jesus Through Pagan Eyes

And, that took me to Kibbo-Kift and Woodcraft. In 2015 I found about KK by a Playground video and I said: “Hey, those are the hoods we use in Wicca… Those are the things we do as Wiccan Scouts… Who is that Hargrave guy? What is Kibbo-Kift?” I started researching it and I fell in love with it to the last bit of my Soul. And Hargrave and Kibbo-Kift were indeed Pagan, and now in KSI we keep the same Spirit, that is no other than Seton’ Spirit and the Redman Ways, as you can read in The Gospel of the Red Man. Yes, the Indians Seton revere so much were Pagans, and so are we.

And from Kibbo-Kift we arrived at Woodcraft. Not only because KK is based in Woodcraft (it’s a form of evolved Woodcraft) but also because Polish Woodcrafters who share our love for Kibbo-Kift found me on the internet and started the most wonderful friendship and Woodcraft Brotherhood. Some of my Polish friends are Pagan too, but many are very Catholic. To them I must thank (until now) they did not tie me up and throw me into a bonfire 

5) What do you think is the most important aspect of Woodcraft in the 21st Century?

The Truthful Wolf

Woodcraft is the answer, the Key to recover the real meaning of Scouting. Only by understanding Woodcraft, you get to understand the core of Scouting, only by practicing Woodcraft you get to the Soul of Scouting, and how it came to be what it is today. It is no secret that the Scout Movement is currently in crisis. Membership loses, attacks from everywhere, lack of interest (lack of Fire in the soul of Scouters) to do the right things and practice a good Scouting. But Woodcraft is the answer. Woodcraft can save the Scout Movement if we give it a try

Be Prepared!
Blue Skies!
Blessed Be!

SM Truthful Wolf

and Martin Kupka Logan