Julie Seton, Marek Havrlik: 2024 International Woodcraft Gathering Planning Update

The core team (Marek Havrlik and Julie Seton) met twice in November and will meet one more time in December 2022. We decided to enlist no more than eight more people, four on each side of the Atlantic, to help with the early planning. These people will have skills in information technology, database development, media production, budgeting, marketing, management, and translation resources. Below are the basic details of our decisions.

MEETING FORMAT: Zoom meeting, with the possibility of a hybrid.

We know that this may disappoint you, but we considered several factors before making this decision, including other Woodcraft-related activities scheduled between now and June 2024 and the changing and uncertain political landscape in many countries.

MEETING THEME: We felt that using Seton’s own foundational Woodcraft statement is appropriate.

Something to Do, Something to Think About, Something to Enjoy in the Woods, with emphasis on Physical Fitness, and Character Building.

Additionally, it allows for a broad structure where we can accommodate the greatest number of Participant organizations. This gives us five main topic areas. For each, we have identified preliminary desired outcomes and metrics.


  1. Create an international coalition of Woodcraft practitioners.
  2. Develop new friendships and connections across the world.
  3. Share best practices across the world.
  4. Identify ways to improve traditional WC activities intended to reduce/eliminate Amerindian cultural appropriation and increase each organization’s focus on their own culture.

MEETING STRUCTURE:  Four Day event with non-concurrent sessions with:

  1. An introductions and historical overview session to start the event.
  2. A daily end-of-day sharing forum.
  3. A summary session to discuss how well the objectives were met.

If you have any concerns, comments, or questions, please contact either Julie Seton (julie@indentus.com) or Marek Havrlik (marek.havrlik@seznam.cz). You may also contact Martin Kupka, the BSWW webmaster at martin.kupka@volny.cz and he will pass your message on.