Los Angeles, California, USA: First Winter Camp

2020 is already a year of new opportunities and growth at Woodcraft Rangers! Earlier this month, our agency held its first ever Winter Camp at a new partner site, Aspire Gateway Academy.

Our staff brought the same level of expertise and enthusiasm to Winter Camp that is present in all our programs, resulting in a successful two-week day program packed to the brim with enrichment activities such as dance classes, art projects, and culinary adventures in a cooking club! Winter Camp ended with a culmination celebration with a special dance performance by the students. After, a parent shared with Woodcraft staff that her son was reticent to “go to school” during winter break and shed some tears over the prospect. However, when she picked him up at the end of his first day of camp, he was bubbling with excitement and couldn’t wait to return!

While winter break is a boon for students, it is often a source of stress for working parents who struggle to cover the cost of childcare or worry over the safety of their unsupervised children. Winter Camp joins a host of programs that provide a supportive environment for youth to play and grow. Additionally, creating access points to enrichment activities is a critical approach to narrowing the “achievement gap” that impinges student success. We are looking forward to expanding Winter Camp to more sites next year.

Berit Anderson, Woodcraft Rangers